Bilde av Vidar Hagen
Vidar Hagen CEO

There’s always room for improvement and optimisation. Performance specialist Vidar will figure out how.

cv +47 414 19 464
Bilde av Trond Egil Gran
Trond Egil Gran Lead Embedded HW/SW Engineer

Versatile senior engineer and FPGA wizard with an insatiable appetite for hardcore problem-solving.

Main expertise : FPGA / Electronics

cv +47 977 62 467
Bilde av Øystein André Kristiansen
Øystein André Kristiansen Senior Electronics Engineer

Highly experienced techwiz polymath with a special weakness for those “impossible” challenges.

cv +47 458 08 579
Bilde av Sigurd Øyen
Sigurd Øyen Electronics & FPGA Developer
Key Account Manager Oslo Area

Multi-talented cybernetics expert, industrial instrumentalist and master FPGA programmer.

cv +47 918 54 127
Bilde av Hans Erik Fjeld
Hans Erik Fjeld Electronics & Embedded SW Engineer

Polymath tech tinkerer, circuit board designer,
programmer and radio connoisseur.

cv +47 452 79 015
Bilde av Torgeir Trøite
Torgeir Trøite Founder & Advisor

Founder of Embida. His toughest challenge is finding engineers who are more creative than him, and hire them.

cv +47 908 30 495